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Who is he?

Tommy Mikino is a sly pirate, born in 2006 from the imagination of the architect Carlotta Medas. Their relationship was dramatically severed in 2007 due to the sudden escape of this unmanageable and incorrigible character. After years on the run, he was sighted by the designer Luigino Cardinali, but he vanished again without a trace. The two creatives then joined forces to produce the WANTED line to promote his capture.

Characterized by a cold and threatening gaze, a thin build and great agility, he is particularly notable for is long ears and disproportionate incisors.
Tommy Mikino is mysterious and ambiguous, irresponsible and impostor, impudent and ironic. Fast and slick, he seems eternally elusive… CATCH HIM IF YOU CAN!


Carlotta Medas

Freelance Architect and Graphic Designer

Milan - Italy

dealing primarily in publishing, packaging and logo design

Luigino Cardinali

Freelancer Designer

Fermo - Italy

dealing primarily in the fashion and footwear design sectors

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